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For Staff

Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) 

ACSJ AV-IT Service Request e-Form

For ACSJ Staff to request AV or IT services.

ACSJ ICT Resources Repository Microsite

Cyber Wellness Portal        

Human Resource Portal (HRP) - Use SingPass to Log In

Human Resource and Payroll (HRP) is a Whole-of-Government HR and Payroll portal that streamlines processes and integrates all HR and Payroll systems across all Ministries, organs of state and 11 Statboards. It covers the end to end lifecycle of an employee from recruitment to exit and re-employment. HRP is an integrated HR and Payroll system developed to replace HRMS and PaC@Gov.

Human Resource Online

HR Online is a MOE-wide HR portal containing a wealth of useful HR information for MOE employees.    

ICT Connection

MOE Identity Management System (MIMS)

MOE Sports and Recreation Club (MERSC)


Integrated Examinations Management System - This is the system used by the schools in the administration management of all the national examinations.

One Portal All Learners (OPAL 2.0)

OPAL2.0 is a digital learning platform for all MOE officers designed for personalised and collaborative learning using a mobile-first strategy. It is a one-stop user-centric learning platform, focusing on new capabilities to facilitate professional development planning and management, online collaboration, operational efficiency in course administration and learning records management. ​

MOE Intranet

SSOE2 Portal

MySkillsFuture Student Portal

School Cockpit - Use MIMS account to log in 

​This is a system that provides schools and MOE HQ with comprehensive information on students and schools and possesses business analytics functions to support strategic planning and decision making.

SC Mobile & FlexiLink - Use MIMS account to log in

​This is a mobile system that provides schools with attendance & temperature monitoring.

Parents Gateway - Use MIMS account to log in 

Parents Gateway is an effort to help streamline the administrative processes between schools and parents. It allows schools/teachers to post announcements, consent forms and easily collate all responses (including declaration of travel plans by parents) as well as create individual groups of students, each group customised according to activities. At the same time, parents can access all posts from their children’s school via the app, even if their children are in different schools.

Resource Booking System (RBS) Use MIMS account to log in

Resource Booking System (RBS) allows staff to book resources, such as meeting rooms, training rooms, function rooms, and halls.

REMS 2.0

The Registration and Engagement Management System (REMS 2.0) supports the administrative management of all MOE casual employment schemes (Flexi-AJT/FAJ(LBS)/FAJ(SC)/FAJ(MKE)/SRE/READ/FRS) in schools and MOE HQ.

Student Learning Space (SLS)

An online learning portal that allows learners to have access to quality curriculum-aligned resources. In line with the development of 21st Century Competencies (21CC), the SLS encourages learners to be self-directed and allows them to personalise their learning according to their needs and interests.


 self-service form builder for public officers to create online forms that capture classified data, with the goal of replacing paper forms.

All Ears Form Builder (Use MIMS account to login)

A generic data collection tools built for schools that is integrated with class lists in School Cockpit. 

School users can create forms and assign to specific students or teachers to collect responses. Form creators can easily track the response rate, view response analytics and download the responses as an Excel file with user identifiers such as student’s class and index number. 

Other advanced features include personalised forms for individuals, conditional displays for questions and an Excel template to facilitate Subject Combinations Allocation Exercises. 

Schools can use All Ears to collect data for a variety of school processes such as updating of particulars, committee selection, event data collection, surveys, lessons and many more!

Useful Classroom Collaboration Tools