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Learning For Life Programme (LLP)


The LLP (featuring key sports Tennis, Rugby, Table Tennis & Swimming) will promote a pervasive sporting culture in ACS(J). By leveraging on the existing platforms of PAL, PE and CCA, as well as our school sports events & Play@Recess programme, our pupils are given the opportunity to enjoy these sports and equip themselves with games skills. They are engaged in active learning and exposed to competitive experiences in a safe environment. Pupils who demonstrate greater interest and/or aptitude are also given the opportunity to further develop their talent.

Tennis, Rugby, Table Tennis and Swimming are ideal sports to introduce to our pupils to ensure the best in the development of their physical, social and emotional well-being. The nature of these four sports will also provide platforms to imbue our pupils with 21st century competencies and our school values such as integrity, excellence, collaboration and loyalty.

LLP Activity Photo 01 LLP Activity Photo 02