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Applied Learning Programme (ALP): ACS (Junior) Thinkers Programme


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ACSJ Thinkers Programme is a signature ACS programme as it nurtures all learners to think critically and innovatively across disciplines. Through the synergistic collaboration across departments, the ACSian Level Outcomes and school values of Love, Excellence, Curiosity, Collaboration, Loyalty is nurtured in ACSians.

 The Thinkers Programme is conceptualized to enrich and broaden the learning experience of all learners by providing them with opportunities to synthesise knowledge from various areas of learning, and critically and innovatively apply it to real life situations. It deepens and broadens students’ learning experience as they acquire 21st century competencies that prepare them for lifelong learning and to thrive in the future. 

THINKERS Level Programme 2022

Thinkers Games
Fun with Fossils
One EL Period Term 1 to 4, PAL
EL Lesson (Term 2)
2Thinkers Games
Shop & Save
One EL Period Term 1 to 4
 3 P3 DI ‘Find Ur Niche’ Project
P3 Innovation in Science Activity
EL Lessons (Term 3) 
Science Lesson (Term 3)
 EL Literature Programme
P4 Innovation in Science Activity
 EL Lessons (Term 3)
Science Lessons (Term 2 and 3)
 EL Literature Programme
P5 Innovation in Science Activity
Design For Change
Escape Room Game
EL Lessons (Term 3)
 Science Lessons (Term 2)
SS Lessons (Term 3)
Post SA
 6 Financial Literacy Post PSLE