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Junior Vibez (Dance Club)


Junior Vibez is open to Pri.3 to Pri.5 new pupils who are interested and have a love and passion for dance. It is a platform for nurturing the aesthetic sensibilities of our pupils, which is in line with Singapore's vision of becoming a cultural hub.

They will be exposed to popping and locking (styles of street dance), which also focus on maintaining fitness. They will be able to explore their inner creative talents and experiment with different dance moves as they work towards excellence in dance, and their passion for the arts and cultural life will be nurtured.

Junior Vibez’s extensive commitment to performance means that the members will find themselves involved in school performances and inter-school or national competitions throughout the year. Membership is subject to auditions.

Programme / 


(Details to be confirmed)
  • CNY performance for returning members
  • VIA project: Service-learning at Bethany Home or collaborate with Pathlight students
  • Excursion: Watch a dance performance
  • 1-day dance camp: For the junior and senior members to get to know one another through dance-related team bonding and character-building activities and to learn about other dance forms


1. Mdm Wong Siew Yin


2. Miss Nur Amirah Jumat


CCA Sub-Group /

Day / Time


V-Vibez (Junior team): Tuesdays

J-Vibez (Senior team): Fridays 

2.00pm to 4.00pm


Music Room (Tuesdays)

Performing Art Hall (Fridays)


P3 to P6 (Only P6 returning members are accepted)




  • Returning members are not required to register.
  • All V-Vibez will put up at least one performance.
  • Members are to meet the teacher(s)-in-charge at the music room or PAH by 2.00pm for attendance taking.
  • If a pupil is absent, an email/ letter of excuse or a medical certificate is required.
  • Members are to fulfill at least 75% attendance to have their CCA reflected in their report book.