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Being able to sail your own little boat is a BIG achievement. Many children are now taking the bold step of learning how to sail the Optimist and the fact that children can sail on their own shows how easy and safe sailing can be.

Young sailors learn discipline, independence, team spirit, problem-solving, decision-making and many other traits that are essential in life besides skills that are needed to sail their boats. It is an all-rounded activity and is a sport that will last a lifetime.

Sailors with outstanding performance (based on their Singapore Sailing Federation ranking) and demonstrate school values will be selected to represent the school in the National Primary Schools Sailing Championships.

Pri.3 to Pri.6 pupils with Opti-Racer certificate are eligible to join Sailing. 


1.   Mr Mo Liwen 


2.  Mr Mr Goh Eng Tat I/C


3.  Mr Teow Jing Ho


CCA Day /


2pm to 5.30pm 

2pm to 5.30pm


Singapore Sailing Federation
1500 East Coast Parkway National Sailing Centre Singapore 468963


P3 to P6

Attire / Training Kit (once accepted as a member)

Booties, life-jacket, sailing gear, sunglass, hat, sunblock lotion


  •       Boys have an option to register for Sailing as an External CCA.

  •            All new members must have obtained the Opti-Racer Certification.

  •       Pupils will be placed in Junior, Green and White Fleet according to their   skill level.

  •       Transport is provided to and from CCA venue. The CCA bus will leave   school at 2.00pm and return to school by 6.30pm. Parents need to arrange   their son’s own transport home from school.

  •       Alternatively, parents can send their son to the CCA venue (by 2.30pm)   and/or pick up their son from the CCA venue (by 5.15pm).

  •       Members are to meet the teachers in charge at the foyer by 1.50pm for   attendance taking. (Near the table tennis tables, nearer to the Admin block)

  •       After the Sailing lesson, once the CCA bus arrives at 6pm at the CCA   venue, all pupils whose parents are not around will board the bus back to   school and parents will fetch their son from school around 6.15pm. No   pupils will be left alone at the CCA venue to wait for their parents without   an adult (you may ask your helper/ boy’s grandparents to accompany your   son until you pick them up).

  •      All confirmed members will receive an official email with information about the training schedule from the CCA teachers by late January.

  •      If a pupil is absent, an email/ letter of excuse or a medical certificate is required.

  •      There will be no make-up or refund due to bad weather conditions or haze or if a pupil is absent.