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Football is a popular game with the pupils. We have a football training programme that caters to pupils from Pri.2 to Pri.6 who have a love of the game. The club aims to equip the pupils with knowledge of the principles of the game, team and individual skills and inculcate in them sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork, integrity and other positive character traits. Regular physical conditioning sessions are also included to boost the pupils’ fitness level.

Friendly matches with other teams are arranged periodically so as to promote understanding among the players in their various roles. The school team takes part in the annual Zonal tournament, in both the Senior and Junior Divisions, and if they perform well, they proceed to the National Primary Schools tournament.

Programme / Activities

  • 5-a-side Football Fiesta jointly organized by Football Association of Singapore and Singapore Primary Schools Sports Council.
  • Football Clinic held during June school holidays.
  • Friendly games with local schools and clubs (for school teams).


1.       Mr See Cheun Wah I/C


2.       Mr Colin Koh I/C


3.       Ms Kim Quek


4.       Ms Norfaiza Bte Zainal 


5.    Mdm Soh Li Mei

6.    Ms Azimah Begam



CCA Sub-Group /

Day / Time


P2 & P3 Recreational


2.15pm to 3.45pm

P4 Recreational


2.15pm to 3.45pm

P5 & P6 Recreational


2.15pm to 3.45pm

Developmental Squad


4.00pm to 5.30pm


School Teams

Mondays & Thursdays

4.00pm to 5.30pm



School Field


P2 to P6


Estimated coaching fees payable by each member for the whole year:

Recreational Teams: $100
Developmental Team: $150
School Teams: $180

Estimated Football CCA jersey set (jersey top, shorts and socks) fees payable per set by each member:

Recreational Teams: $25
Developmental Team: $25
School Teams: $38

Attire / Training Kit (once accepted as a member)

·         ACS(J) Football shirt, shorts and socks.

·         Shinguards, football boots and football (size 4).



·        All confirmed members will receive an official email with information about the training schedule from the CCA teachers by late January or early February 2018.

·       The training fee is to be paid within 2 weeks from the first training session.

·       Training may be scheduled for the School Teams in the first and last week of June and December holidays.

·       If a pupil is absent, an email/ letter of excuse or a medical certificate is required.

·       There will be no make-up or refund if a pupil is absent.