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Badminton has always been a popular CCA, but due to space constraints, membership is limited and priority is given to present members who are continuing with the CCA the following year.  

The CCA will train members in the rules of the game, fundamental skills and strategies for playing the game, and to reach a desirable level of fitness to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The CCA also aims to develop sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork and a love of the game in its members. 



1.      Mrs Annabella Kwan


2.      Ms Chong Bao Yue I/C


3.      Ms Syafinah Binte Ibrahim


CCA Sub-Group /

Day / Time




P5 to P6 Recreational


4.00pm to 5.30pm

Training Squad

Mondays & Thursdays

2.00pm to 4.00pm


Multi-Purpose Hall


P4 to P6

Attire / Training Kit (once accepted as a member)

  • School PE attire
  • Badminton shoes preferable
  • Badminton racket (shuttlecocks will be provided for all sessions)
  • Water bottle
  • Face towel
  • Inhaler (for boys with asthma) 

Note 1

  • Returning members who choose Badminton CCA as their 1st choice will be given priority over new members.

  • All confirmed members will receive an official email with information about the training schedule from the CCA teachers by late January.

  • If a pupil is absent, an email/ letter of excuse or a medical certificate is required.

  • If the session is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, a make-up session will be held during the school holidays (the holiday schedule will be emailed to all parents).

  • There is no refund if a pupil is absent.

Note 2

Selection for Training Squad and School Team

Pri.4 to Pri.5 members of the CCA may be invited, based on their Attitude, Commitment and Skill level, to join the Training Squad. This is done sometime in Semester 2. Training Squad members who demonstrate school values and have good and consistent performance will be selected into the School Team. All School Team members will receive an acknowledgement letter upon confirmation. They will represent the school in the South Zone Primary Schools Championships the following year. They will proceed to the National Primary Schools Championships if they do well in the former.