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String Orchestra


ACS(J) String Orchestra aims to provide a fulfilling musical experience for our pupils. Today, with a new vision and direction, the orchestra is moving towards the development of its own distinctive musical personality. Emphasis will be on the development of the articulation to the precise execution of the bow arm. We will continue to explore the variety of the dynamic spectrum by blending of tone and cultivate a mature musical collaborative character within each section as well as between each section in competitive local music festivals and competitions so as to constantly bring the performance level to new heights. Most importantly, we aim to provide a platform for our young musicians to grow up as strong advocates in the arena of performing arts. Pupils with violin, viola, cello and double bass background are welcome to sign up. The minimum requirement is a Grade 3 at ABRSM or equivalent for their respective instruments. For those who sign up for the CCA, an audition will be conducted before confirmation of membership. Those who do not play any instrument but have the interest and love for music may consider building up their music skills at an external music academy in view of joining the orchestra in the future.    

Minimum requirements for joining the Orchestra:    
1. Pass in Grade 3 ABRSM or equivalent in one of the following instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass. 
 2. Pupils have to undergo an audition before confirmation of membership.

Programme / Activities

(Details to be confirmed)

  • Founders Day performance for returning members
  • VIA project
  • Excursion: Watch a performance
  • Honours Day performance for all members
  • Strings Evening Concert



1.  Ms Jeanette Yee Yu Wen



2.  Mrs Ong Bee Yeng  I/C    


CCA Sub-Group /

Day / Time 


2.00pm to 4.30pm


Performing Arts Hall


P2 to P6 (audition required)




  • Interested pupils are to email the teacher(s)-in-charge to arrange for an audition before signing up for the CCA.
  • All members are expected to stay for the full duration of every CCA session. Failure to do so will result in having to leave the CCA.
  • Members are to meet the teacher(s)-in-charge at the PAH for attendance taking.
  • If a pupil is absent, an email/ letter of excuse or a medical certificate is required.
  • There will be no make-up or refund for members who are absent during CCA sessions.