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General Information

2020 CCA Registration Instructions

  1. CCA is compulsory for P4 to P6 boys. 

  2. Returning members do not need to register. 

  3. Only boys who wish to register for a) a new CCA b) a change of CCA c) 2 CCAs d) external CCA need to take part in the registration exercise. 

  4. More information is provided on the link. Please refer to the form before contacting the school. Registration will close on 10th January 12 noon when these website links are deactivated.
  5. For queries on:
  6. Policy matters, please contact Ms Chen Xinhong, Head of Department (PE/CCA),

Performing Arts CCA Auditions 
(String Orchestra, Concert Band, Junior Vibez and Choir)

We are pleased to inform you that the Performing Arts CCAs will be conducting auditions during the first week of school. If you are interested in letting your son participate in Performing Arts CCAs, kindly email the following Teachers-in-charge so that they can arrange for an audition for your son.





Email Address


8 Jan


Mrs Caroline Tang


Concert Band

8 Jan


Ms Felice Lou


Junior Vibez

7 Jan


Mrs Sally Heng


String Orchestra

15 Jan


Mrs Ong Bee Yeng


All auditions will be held after school.

The auditions will provide you and the teachers with a guide as to the suitability and readiness of your son for the CCA he is interested in.

As this is our SYF year, all new members for Choir and String Orchestra will commence their CCAs in July unless stated otherwise by the CCA teachers.

For String Orchestra auditions, please get your son to bring his own instrument.

Regardless of audition outcome, you may still proceed with the CCA registration as we provide several options within the form.

If you have further questions, please contact Mrs Gloria Chia, our Subject Head (Aesthetics),
at loh_lin_li@moe.edu.sg.


In ACS(Junior), CCA is an integral part of our pupils’ holistic education. The aim of CCA is to teach our pupils knowledge and skills, inculcate in them correct values and desirable social attitudes and provide for healthy and fun recreation.

At the same time, we hope that our pupils’ participation in CCA will cultivate in them a strong ACS spirit of integrity, curiosity, collaboration, loyalty and pursuit of excellence. Having a shared experience with their fellow schoolmates allows the boys to build a sense of camaraderie that contributes to the unique ACSian experience.

We strongly believe that these are important attributes which will equip our pupils well to adapt to the demands of 21st century living.


  1. The CCA programme offers a wide range of activities and caters for the varied interests and abilities of our pupils.

  2. The programme provides year-round involvement and allows for a systematic development of our pupils interests and abilities.

  3. The programme includes participatory (intra-school) and competitive (inter-school) activities. The former enables the active involvement of all pupils. The latter gives our pupils the opportunity to experience competition and motivates them to further pursue their passion.

  4. Pupils are allotted to the various Houses: Oldham (OLD), Thoburn (THO), Tan Kah Kee (TKK), Goh Hood Keng (GHK), Cheong Koon Seng (CKS), Lee Seng Gee (LSG), Shaw Vee Meng (SVM) and Tan Chin Tuan (TCT). Representation at the school's Annual Track and Field and Swimming Championships is on the inter-House basis.

  5. In line with MOE direction, Program for Active Learning (PAL) is integrated during curriculum hours for Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils to provide a platform for holistic development and to nurture their character.


  1. Most CCAs are open to Pri.3 to Pri.6 pupils. Please refer to school website for specific CCA details.

  2. It is compulsory for Pri.4 to Pri.6 pupils to take part in at least one CCA, which could be a uniformed group, a club, a performing arts group or a sport / game.

  3. P4 to P6 boys who wish for their training in a sport outside school to be recognised as a CCA are required to submit an official letter from the club/association to the HOD PE/CCA by 10 January 2020, stipulating their training days and times. The sport has to be sanctioned by the Singapore School Sports Council at the Primary (e.g. Taekwondo, Gymnastics) or Secondary level (e.g. Fencing, Squash). Please refer to https://nsg.moe.edu.sg/sssc for the list of recognized sports. Other sports not offered by SSSC but has a National Sports Association recognized by Singapore Sports Council may also be recognized. If the request is not approved, the HOD PE/CCA will contact the boys within a week.

    • Sports offered at NSG (Primary) will be recognized as school representation, even if it is not a school CCA. All other competitions that require school endorsement for participation are to be approved by HOD.

    • Sports not offered at NSG (Primary) will be allowed to represent the school in one official tournament. Approval by HOD is necessary.
  4. Pupils are encouraged to participate in one CCA. They may participate in a second CCA if they so desire but it should be a less demanding activity to ensure that they do not have too heavy a CCA load and that they have enough rest time.

  5. Pupils can register for a new CCA at the beginning of the new year and are encouraged to stay in that CCA for the whole year. However, pupils may opt to change their CCA in the middle of the year on medical grounds.
  6. Attendance is compulsory at every CCA session. Amedical certificate or a letter from the parent is necessary if the pupil is absent. Pupils who are present for at least 75% of their CCA sessions will have their CCA reflected in their Report Book.

  7. Pri.6 pupils have the option to stand down from their CCA from Term 3 onwards.


Teachers’ competencies, expertise and interests are taken into consideration when they are deployed into the various CCAs. The deployment also ensures that each CCA has at least one experienced teacher who has been in the CCA before. This ensures that the experienced teacher has the knowledge and skills for the smooth running of the CCA and is also able to guide and mentor the new or beginning teachers.


Most CCA will run on Wednesdays and/or Fridays. This allows for other days to be freed for other school programmes and activities, such as Hinch, in support for our school policy of a holistic education for our pupils. CCA with school teams may have additional sessions on the other days. Please refer to the school website for the updated schedule of each CCA.


Most CCAs will be held within the school premises with the exception of a few sports which require external facilities specific to the sport.


  1. The following will be taken into consideration:
    • Commitment with regular attendance
    • Demonstration of good attitude and values such as loyalty, commitment, resilience, teamwork, fairplay and sportsmanship.
    • Readiness for competition
    • Teachers’ / Instructors’ / Coaches’ professional judgement.

  2. School representation for any competition has to be endorsed and supported by the school. Pupils are not allowed to register under the school name in their own personal competitions.

  3. All Sports CCAs will participate in the National School Games and one other competition as a key learning experience.

  4. Members must have been in the CCA for at least 6 months before he is eligible to represent the school.


  1. Pupils who have represented the school in Singapore Primary Schools Sports Council (SPSSC)-sanctioned inter-school competitions and/or Singapore in National Sports Association (NSA)-sanctioned competitions are eligible for the following.
    • Representation and Achievements reflected in Report Book
    • Eligible for Honours Day Awards and MOE Eagles Awards

  2. The Honours Day Awards recognise pupils who have excelled in their respective CCAs and consistently demonstrated good character and school values. The School reserves the right to not award pupils who have not been consistent in their conduct within or outside of CCA.

  3. Pupils who have made exemplary contributions through leadership, achievements and in service through their CCAs will also be considered for the MOE EAGLES Award.


  1. All payments shall be made only after receiving an official letter from the School Administration Team. The teachers and coaches will not be handling any cash or cheque, unless there are unique circumstances that are approved by the HOD.

  2. Boys on Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) will have their CCA fee fully subsidized.

  3. Should your boy require financial support for CCA, please contact HOD (PE/CCA).