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External CCA

Students who wish for their training in a sport outside the school to be recognized as an External CCA are required to submit an official letter from the club/association to the SH CCA, stipulating the training days and time.

For the sport to be sanctioned, it has to be one of the sports offered by the Singapore School Sports Council at the Primary or Secondary level. Please refer to https://nsg.moe.edu.sg/sssc for the list of recognized sports. 
Other sports not offered by SSSC but has a National Sports Association (NSA) recognized by Singapore Sports Council may also be recognized. If the request is not approved, the SH CCA will contact the boys within a week. Students who wish to participate in NSA competitions representing ACS(J) are required to inform SH CCA.  

Students taking part in External CCA are required to fulfill the following requirements:
    1. There should be at least one CCA training session in a week
    2. Each session should last at least 1 hour
    3. There should be at least 30 CCA training hours for each year
The External CCA attendance templates (Terms 1 to 4) can be downloaded at the start of the year. The coach/instructor has to sign on the form for each training date/time. 

The submission of official letters, attendance sheets (at the end of every term), participation and achievement can be uploaded via this link: https://tinyurl.com/acsjextcca

For all External CCA matters, kindly contact Mr. Alwyn Tan, SH CCA, at tan_chin_keat_alwyn@moe.edu.sg