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Chess Club


Chess is a combination of strategy, style and basic skills. Just as each person is unique, a pupil develops his chess identity over time. Playing regularly with some guidance along the way helps to correctly mould a pupil's game and shape it into a style of his own in his pursuit of excellence.

The Chess Club is open to all chess enthusiasts from Pri.3 to Pri.6. The maximum enrolment is sixty. Priority will be given to existing chess members and pupils from Pri.3 to Pri.6.

Members learn to write chess notations, chess tactics and strategies and get a chance to challenge their peers. Mini-tournaments are held within the club to rank and select the players. Selected players will then represent the school in individual and team championships at the inter-school level. Members are also encouraged to join other tournaments organised by community centres.

Programme / Activities

In a typical CCA session, the Chess coach will provide a 45 min lesson on :

(a) a specific tactic/strategy used in an opening / mid-game
        / end-game;

(b) a specific opening / defence;

(c) chess puzzles to test understanding and facilitate
        application of tactics and strategies; followed by a 45 min
        practice session where members play against each other.


1. Mr Royston Siah Kim

   Tian I/C



Day / Time


2.15pm to 4.00pm


Classroom P5.1 – Beginner / Novice Players

Classroom P5.2 – Intermediate / Advanced Players


P3 to P6



Attire / Training Kit (once accepted as a member)

School uniform or white corporate shirt.



  • Returning members are not required to register online. 

  • P6 boys who wish to join Chess CCA must be a returning member. New P6 registrations will not be accepted.