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ACSplore (Modular Sports CCA)


ACSplore is a school sports programme that offers modular sports CCA in replacement of recreational sports CCAs. The objective of this programme is to provide broad-based and holistic development for our boys who are interested in sports CCA. Starting with the 2020 Primary 3 cohort, the boys will get to explore one team sport and one individual sport in an academic year. Please refer to the slides below for more information on ACSplore. 

Primary 3

Primary 4


2-3.30pm Tennis

2-3.30pm Football

3.45-5.15pm Badminton

2-3.30pm Hockey (TBC)


2-5pm Sailing

2-3.30pm Basketball(TBC)

4-5.30pm Table Tennis


2-5pm Tenpin Bowling

2-5pm Tenpin Bowling

2-3.30pm Rugby

2-3.30pm Tennis

4-5.30pm Hockey (TBC)

3.45-5.15pm Badminton

3.30-5pm Rugby


2.15-3.45pm Football

4-5.30pm Table Tennis

2-3.30pm Basketball (TBC)