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Achievements 2013


Singapore Youth Festival Art & Crafts Exhibition:
Category A - Certificate of Recognition


South Zone Primary Schools Badminton Championships:
Senior Boys - 2nd

Cadet Scouts

Frank Cooper Sands Bronze Award


South Zone Chess Carnival 2013:

Boys - Under 8
Joel Ong - Distinction
Lucas Au Yeung Chi Hang - Merit
Gabriel Gan - Merit
Lucas Chan Kian Howe - Achievement

Boys - Under 10
Cyrus Nisban - Distinction
Rayner Chew - Merit & Character Award
Sean Christian Goh - Distinction
Jonathan Au Yeung Chi Hung - Merit
Calvin Koh - Merit

Boys - Open
William Woong - Distinction
Carwyn Yeo - Distinction
Ryan Wong - Merit & Character Award

Our Chess boys have done very well in the 54th National Schools (Team) Chess Championship,
held on Sun 1 Sep at Rulang Primary School.

The results are as follows:

Boys Open
1 William Woong Zhi Wei 6.7 ) 3rd in the Boys

Open Southzone
2 Carwyn Yeo Ruizhi 5.7 )
3 Shaun Alexander Wittberger 5.5 )
4 Wong Seng Hong Ryan 5.6 )
5 Koh Juin Yang Calvin 4.6 )

Boys U9 Team B
1 Lucas Au Yeung Chi Hang 1.9 )2nd in the
Boys U9 Southzone
2 Gabriel Gan Shao Hng 1.6 )
3 Lucas Chan Kian Howe 1.6 )
4 Colin Koh Jin Hao 1.6 )

Boys U9 Team A
1 Rayner Chew 3.6 ) 1st in the Boys U9
2 Joel Ong 2.8 ) 1st in the Boys U9 Southzone
3 Sean Christian Goh 3.8 )
4 Jonathan Au Yeung Chi Hung 3.5 )

14th ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships
2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Standard Chess & Blitz Chess (U 8) - Joel Ong
(P2.8) - Team Bronze
Standard Chess (U 12) - William Woong (P6.7) -
Team Silver

65th National Schools (Individual) Chess
Championship (Medals were awarded for the top
20 positions for each Boys' Age Group):

Joel Ong (P2.8) - 1st

U9 Cyrus Nisban (P3.6) - 1st
Rayner Chew (P3.6) - 3rd
Sean Goh (P3.8) - 5th

12thCyrus Nisban (P3.6) - 12th

Carwyn Yeo (P5.7) - 10th

Carwyn Yeo (P5.7) - 4th
William Woong (P6.7) - 8th

National Age Group Chess Championships
William Woong (P5.6) - Under 12: 1st
Carwyn Yeo (P4.5) - Under 10: 3rd
Daniel Choo (P3.7) - Under 10: 6th
William and Carwyn also put in respectable performances in the World Youth Chess Championships in Slovenia.
Joel Ong (P1.4) competed against older boys in the Under 8 division and emerged 3rd.

Chinese Club

National Primary School Chinese Story-Telling Competition: Consolation
Wei Ren Story Telling Competition: 4th

National Story Telling Competition "Leaders of Greatness" - 4th
Tan Shaen En, Lucas (P3.8)

National Story Telling Competition - 4th
Then Shan (P4.5)

National Crosstalk Competition - 3rd
Goh Cheng Teng, Vernon (P5.5)
Li Man Chun (P5.6)

22nd Inter-School Group Creative Story-Telling Competion
Then Shan (P4.5)
Goh Cheng Teng, Vernon (P5.5)
Li Man Chun (P5.6)

Concert Band

Hong Kong Winter Band Festival - Bronze Award

Destination Imagination (DI) Global Finals 2013

ACSJ was represented by 3 teams at the Destination Imagination Global Finals at Knoxville, Tennessee from 22nd to 25th May.
Our "In Disguise" Team AC7 came in 2nd out of 78 champion teams from all over the world, our Change In Realitee Team came in 9thout of 60 teams and our "In Disguise" Team Brainstormers came in 16th out of 78 teams.


South Zone Primary Schools Football Championships:
Junior Boys - Champion


National Primary Schools Golf Championships:
Best Gross (Boys) - Justin Kuk (P6.3) - 3rd
Best Team (Boys) - Justin Kuk (P6.3) & Ray
Chng (P6.1) - 3rd

11th Tiger Cubs Championships 2013 @ National Level:
Handicap Division - 2 Golds, 1 Silver, 3 Bronzes
PC Division - 2 Golds, 1 Silver, 2 Bronzes

National Chinese Creative Storytelling Competition

Then Shan (P3.7), Tan Siyuan (P4.4), Vernon Goh Cheng Teng (P4.7) and Ryan Yeo Yuan
Wei (P5.5) emerged as Champions in both the lower and upper primary categories.

Odyssey of the Mind (OM)

We were also represented by 4 teams at the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals 2013 at Michigan State University from 22nd to 25th May. Our Pet Project team came in 3rd out of 53 state champion teams from all over the world, our 'It's How You Look At It' Team came in 8thof out 51 teams, our ARTchitecture: The Musical Team came in 19th out of 65 teams and our 'The Email Must Go Through Team' came in 28th out of 46 teams.


National Inter-Primary School
Rugby Championships (Junior Division) 2013
Award: 2nd Category/Division: U11 Junior Division

Singapore Rugby Union - Standard Chartered
Bank Under 13s Rugby Carnival:
Under 13 - Champion

South Zone Primary Schools Rugby Championships:
U-11 - Champion
U-13 - Champion

Bintang Rugby Club International Rugby 10s Tournament (in Kuala Lumpur)
Senior Division - Bowl Finals: 2nd
Junior Division - Saucer Finals: 2nd

National Primary Schools Rugby Championships:
U13 - Champion


National Primary Schools Sailing Championships:
Junior Division - 3rd
Senior Division - Champion

String Orchestra

New York International Music Festival: Gold Award
2013 Kocian International Violin Competition (Prague, Czech Republic)
Samuel Tan (P2.9) - 2nd


National Primary Schools Swimming Championships:
The swimmers won a total of 10 Golds, 11 Silvers and 15 Bronzes. Jonathan Tan (P5.5) and Malcolm Oh (P4.4) also set new records in the 50m & 100m Freestyle (C Division), and 50m
Breaststroke (D Division) respectively.
B Division - 1st
C Division - 1st
D Division - 2nd

Table Tennis

Crocodile Challenge Cup 2013:
Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun (Pr 5.3) came in 4th in the Pr 5/6 Boys category National Primary Schools Individual Table Tennis Championship 2013 - Junior Boys
Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun (Pr 5.3) came in 1st in Junior Boys Division

1st Li Ning Cup Age Group Invitation Tournament 2013:
9 years old Category
Benjamin Hee Yong Xin (P3.7) - Top 8
11 years old Category
Jabez Law (P5.3) - 1st Runner Up
Joseph Hee Yong Ern (P5.7) - Top 8

SAFRA-STTA Table Tennis Championship 2013:
Benjamin Hee Yong Xin (P3.7) - 3rd
Jabez Law (P5.3) - 5th

ATSAA-SP Group Table Tennis Nurture Cup
Jabez Mason Law Yong Jun (P4.2) - Boys
Singles Under 12 Open - 3rd
Joseph Hee Yong En (P4.5) - Boys
Singles Under 10 - 1st
Ting Yi Ken, Evan (P4.2) - Boys
Singles Under 10 (Consolation Group) - 2nd
ACS(J) Team 2 (Ting Yi Ken, Evan P4.2, Ong
Kai Hui Hiero P4.6, Jabez Mason Law Yong
Jun P4.2 and Joseph Hee Yong En Pr 4.5)
Team Mixed Event (Consolation Group) - 3rd

Char Yong National Youth Top 10 Table Tennis Tournament 2012
Jabez Law (P5.3) - Under 12: 3rd.

South Zone Primary Schools Table Tennis Championships:
Senior Boys - 4th
Junior Boys - 2nd


National Primary Schools Taekwondo Championships:
Junior Boys - 2nd
Individual Winners (Kyorugi):
Senior Boys
Matthew Ng Hui-Chieh (P6.1) - Gold
Bryan Peh Ce-Jie (P6.6) - Gold
Junior Boys
Samuel Kok Joon Wei (P5.2) - Gold
Brandon Khoo Rongin (P5.7) - Silver
Tyler Cheng Tai Shun (P3.3) - Silver
Benjamin Peh Ren-Jie (P3.4) - Silver
Tie Kah Hoong Sean (P4.6) - Bronze
Ong Yuming Ethan (P3.1) - Bronze

Tan Chin Team Foundation Scholarship

Ang Jun Yang and Lim Tyen Siang Timothy, from P6.7 (2012) each received a
scholarship from the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation recently.


National Primary Schools Tennis Championships:
Junior Boys - Champion
Senior Boys - 2nd

Tenpin Bowling

National Primary Schools Tenpin Bowling Championships:
Senior Boys - 4th

The Boy's Brigade

J M Fraser Gold Award (2012)
Keith Goh Qi Guang (P6.7) was nominated as the Best Boy in the BB Unit in ACS (J) for being an excellent role model among his peers and performing well not only in the Boys' Brigade but also in school. He has been awarded the Tan Boon Chiang Medal.

Track & Field

B Division - Chua Jia Wei (P6.7) - 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
Lam Wei Xuan (P6.8). - 1 Bronze
C Division - Takeshi Koey (P5.6) - 1 Bronze