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Trailblazers @ Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

Let's STEP out, STEP up and make a difference!

The MethodistWalk is a biennial fundraising activity organised by the Methodist Schools' Foundation (MSF), on behalf of the Methodist Schools in Singapore. ACS(J) requests for your support to contribute to our school's fundraising efforts through this Trailblazer! Each class will be committed to walk 135km in a week to align the Walk to our ACS 135 celebrations, making it more meaningful for our staff and students. Through the school activities to meet this target, we hope to foster class spirit as well as instill a sense of appreciation of our Methodist heritage in our students. The collection for the Methodist Walk donations will go back to the school's upgrading projects for enhanced facilities that will benefit the boys. This includes the upgrading of the Library, the creation of the ACSian Heritage Trail and finishings for the PERI Upgrading Project.

The school would like to appeal to all parents, alumni and well-wishers to encourage our boys to do their part and support the school's fundraising efforts. Your contributions will go a long way in creating a conducive and pleasant environment for our boys.