Primary Two

Home-Based Learning (HBL)

  • With the end of the Circuit Breaker period on 1 June 2020, we will progressively bring students back to school from 2 June 2020 (Term 3), in a careful and safe manner. For a start, students from Primary 6 will attend school daily from Mondays to Fridays. Students from Primary 1 to 5 will rotate weekly between Home-Based Learning (HBL) and returning to school for lessons. Please refer to the table below for the weekly rotation schedule of respective levels.



Home-Based Learning (HBL)

Term 3 Week 1 (T3W1)

P4, P5, P6

P1, P2, P3


P1, P2, P3, P6

P4, P5


P4, P5, P6

P1, P2, P3


P1, P2, P3, P6

P4, P5

  • From Term 3 Week 5, we will work towards bringing all students back to school daily, if the situation permits.  MOE will monitor the situation closely and we will inform all parents in due course.

HBL for P3, P4 & P5 Boys

  • For Weeks 1 & 2 when your boys have HBL, parents will receive the daily HBL package via Parents Gateway (PG) either on the eve or on the day of HBL by 8am. From week 3 onwards, your boys can access the HBL package directly via Student Learning Space (SLS) instead of PG. Students will be briefed on how to access the HBL Package via SLS when they are in school during the first two weeks, and what they should do for HBL as they are required to first go through the instructions for both online and offline work under Announcement in SLS so that they can plan and organise their own learning for the day. This will encourage our boys to exercise initiative and responsibility, and develop self-directed learning abilities. Parents who wish to access the HBL package can do so via your child’s SLS account.

HBL for P1 & P2 Boys

  • As the P1 & P2 boys are slightly younger learners who may require guidance and support from their parents, the school will continue with the usual practice of sending the daily HBL package via PG either on the eve or on the day of HBL by 8am.

  • During the HBL week for Term 3, we will continue to follow the weekly HBL Timetable which was used during the full HBL period last term. The HBL process, procedures and guidelines for students stated in the previous letters to the parents dated 30 March and 6 April are still applicable. If your child needs learning or emotional support, he can approach our teachers and other school personnel such as our allied educators and school counsellors, who will continue to work from home or from school. The subject teachers will adopt a targeted approach to email the parents of these students separately if the learning materials need to be adapted.

  • The HBL Package consists of instructions, schedule, lesson plans, tasks, assignments, and recommended number of hour for individual subject.  HBL need not be confined to e-learning or learning with computers. It can include offline assignments or readings (e.g. readings from textbooks, PDF worksheets). Students should follow instructions on the HBL Package. The HBL package is designed for the level in alignment with the Scheme of Work (SOW), with customization of the level materials for each class by the subject teacher where necessary.

  • The school has a system in place for teachers to monitor students’ learning progress and continue to prepare and deliver lessons. Besides checking on students’ well-being, teachers also review their learning progress and provide support to help them cope with their learning at home.  To ensure effective HBL, the teachers will also gather feedback along the way and review their HBL Package.

  • Our teachers will be in regular contact with you and your child, and will continue to monitor the progress of your child through HBL assignments and various means such as Student Learning Space (SLS), phone calls, emails, video conferencing calls via Google Meet/Zoom (web browser version), FormSG and other online platforms. Students will be notified of any video conferencing sessions in the HBL package at least one day in advance so that students will get ready for the sessions according to the schedule.  Should your son be unavailable during the scheduled video conferencing sessions, he will need to inform his teacher directly. Your son will still be able to access any learning materials presented in the video conferencing session via SLS the next day. We have attached the Video Conferencing Student Guide below for your reference.

  • We seek your understanding that there are differences between learning from home and learning in the classroom setting as follows:

    • The student has the flexibility to determine his own pace of learning as he is not confined to a physical space and/or closely supervised by the teacher in a classroom.
    • The teacher does not have full control of the learning environment and is unable to intervene spontaneously during the learning process.
    • Students’ learning cannot be monitored and evaluated onsite.

  • For technical issues pertaining to the use of the Student Learning Space (SLS) portals such as unlocking accounts and resetting passwords, please refer to the SLS Self-Help Guide in the school website under HBL. Alternatively, for technical issues on HBL, you may call the School Helpline (98223327, 7.30am to 1.30pm) or MOE SLS Helpdesk (67026513, 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm). For subject specific enquiries, please contact or email subject teachers.

  • The learning activities will be designed to allow students to complete them independently.  We encourage you to support your child by providing a conducive environment at home. You could do this by:

    • Working out a daily schedule/routine with your child and guiding your child in setting goals and scheduling tasks. For further tips on guiding your child in setting goals, refer to the Resilience Boosters at
    • Establishing an agreement with your child on managing screen time. We will assign a maximum of 2 hours of online learning per day. For further tips and guides on reinforcing your child’s cyber wellness, please refer to:
    • Encouraging your child to maintain an optimistic and positive outlook while accepting the changes and emotions that he has had to face as part of going through HBL.

MOE SLS Helpdesk


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SLS Learning Portal

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6702 6513

Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.;

Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


User guide for SLS Login trouble-shooting:

If you require any clarifications, please kindly contact the school at
School-based helpdesk number is 6733 7911.

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