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Home-Based Learning (HBL)

Curriculum Continuity Plan

  • In the event of school closure, the school has a curriculum continuity plan in place to activate Home-Based Learning (HBL) to ensure that learning continues for students at home. It also gives students the opportunity to engage in self-directed learning.  
  • Students are informed of the curriculum continuity plan in the event of school closure, and what they should do for HBL. 
  • HBL need not be confined to e-learning or learning with computers. It can include offline assignments or readings (e.g. readings from textbooks, PDF worksheets)
  • Daily HBL Lesson Package (e.g. daily lesson plan, instructions, tasks, assignments etc.) is posted at school website by 8am as shown below. The recommended number of hours for HBL by students each day is reflected in the daily lesson plan. The student has the flexibility to determine his own pace of learning.


Staggered Login Time to School Website by Students

Primary 5 and 6 : 8.00 am

Primary 3 and 4 : 9.00 am

Primary 1 and 2 : 10.00 am

  • Students should adhere to the staggered login time to the school website so as to reduce the load on the server. They should follow instructions on the lesson package at the school website.
  • For technical issues pertaining to the use of the Student Learning Space (SLS) portals such as unlocking accounts and resetting passwords, please refer to the SLS self-help guide or contact the SLS Helpdesk. Details are found at the school website.
  • For some of the tasks assigned, answer keys with explanation will be uploaded on the school website. Your child is advised to check the answers only after he has attempted the questions.
  • The school has a system in place for teachers to monitor students’ learning progress and continue to prepare and deliver lessons. Besides checking on students’ well-being, teachers also review their learning progress and provide support to help them cope with their learning at home.  To ensure effective HBL, the teachers will also gather feedback along the way and review their HBL plans.
  • We seek your understanding that there are differences between learning from home and learning in the classroom setting as follows:
      • The student may determine his own pace of learning as he is not confined to a physical space and/or closely supervised by the teacher in a classroom.
      • The teacher does not have full control of the learning environment and is unable to intervene spontaneously during the learning process.
      • Students’ learning cannot be monitored and evaluated onsite.
  • During the recovery period (post-school closure) when MOE has announced that it is safe for students to return school, the school will make an assessment of the loss in curriculum time by taking stock of what has been covered during the period of school closure, estimating number of make-up periods necessary for each subject, and re-allocating curriculum time to give more time for examination subjects for Primary 6. The school will also look into recovering of curriculum time in the following academic year for non-graduating levels. 

For technical issues pertaining to the use of the SLS portals such as resetting passwords or errors during login, please contact the SLS Helpdesk at the number below.


Contact Number

Operating hours

SLS Learning Portal

(for all Subjects)

6702 6513

Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.;

Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Email: helpdesk@sls.ufinity.com

User guide for SLS Login trouble-shooting:


SLS Password Reset Guide & FAQ - Download

If you require any clarifications, please kindly contact the school at acjs@moe.edu.sg.
School-based helpdesk number is 6733 7911.