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The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department seeks to nurture, develop and support students with learning needs by working together with the teachers, parents and/or psychologist/therapist(s)/shadow teachers.

For consultation on special educational needs: 
Please contact Ms Kim Quek (Senior Teacher/Special Educational Needs) at quek_soo_kim@moe.edu.sg

Applications for Access Arrangements (AAs)
This is for our students with learning or physical disabilities requesting access arrangements (AAs) during our internal examinations, based on their individual needs.  All AAs applied for are granted on a needs basis in consultation with the teachers and observations during class and examinations.

Please note that the deadline for all applications for access arrangements need to reach us by the following dates for us to process your application.

1.  The closing date for new applications for P4 SA1 is 4 April 2022.
2. The closing date for new applications for P3 to P5 SA2 as well as the closing date for the 2023 PSLE AAs is 
     29 August 2022.

For all new applicants for access arrangements, please download and fill up an application form from our school website and send it to the following AEDs/Teacher in charge: