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EnrichmentLearning Journeys to Science Centre

Aim: To stimulate students' interest in Science through observations, hands-on activities, and learning experiences that deepen their understanding of concepts in the topics that they learnt for the year 

  • Every Child a Seed Programme
  • Planting Project
  • Micro:Bit STEM Programme
  • Biodiversity Week (Organised by NES for Green Wave Programme)
  • Miro:Bit STEM Programme

  • Eureka Box
    • Eureka Box extension activities provide opportunities for students to deepen their learning and to apply concepts learned in the topics. Through the activities, students are able to develop their sense of inquiry and the spirit of curiosity.
  • Creative Science Insvestigation (CSI)
    • CSI promotes school values, curiosity, collaboration and excellence, through scientific investigations and discovery. Students are able to inquire, discover, test hypotheses and satisfy their own curiosity about things around them with hands-on activities, show and tell, puzzles, games, treasure hunts in the eco-garden etc. Students get to work in pairs and individually and are free to complete the activity at their own pace.
  • Learning Trails at the Eco-Garden
    • Our Eco-Garden and Aquarium provide a wealth of opportunities for our students to observe and interact with living specimens while applying lessons from many different areas of their curriculum. Students can study plant anatomy and botanical life science.  They can practice the scientific method by carrying out experiments in the garden and collecting data on plant growth. Students investing time at the eco-garden are rewarded with a greater appreciation for the diversity, vastness and interconnectedness of living organisms.
 CompetitionsP3 Toy Boat Making Competiton
P4 Toy Making Competition
(in conjunction with Sony Creative Science Award Toy Making Competition)
  •  P5 Bridge Building Competition
  • Science Olympiads
  • P6 Paper Plane Competition (in conjunction with Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition)
  • Science Olympiads
 Green Photography Competition
Environmental Poster Design Competition

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