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Holistic Health Programme (HHP)
With a variety of assembly programmes, we encourage pupils to adopt a healthy lifestyle and take ownership for their total well-being (physical, social and emotional).

Play@Recess activities are also organized for our pupils, where they are encouraged to participate in interactive games with their classmates, peers and teachers.

Pupils have opportunities to participate in intra-school events such as the Annual Track & Field Championships, Annual Swimming Championships, Pri.1 & Pri.2 Games Day, Junior Olympics and Tennis Open. This provides pupils with the opportunity to experience competition and demonstrate values such as excellence and perseverance.

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)
PAL equips our pupils with the necessary skills and values to thrive in a fast-changing and globalised future. The programme provides exposure to our P1 and P2 pupils in two broad areas carried out on a modular basis within curriculum time:

Sports (P1) and Outdoor Education (P2)
Visual and Performing Arts (P1 & P2)

Physical Education (PE)
We aim to develop our pupils’ physical, cognitive, affective and social domains through a structured and progressive curriculum in line with the 2014 PE Syllabus. By exposing them to different types of physical activities and games, they learn new concepts and hone their skills. Through PE lessons, they are also given an opportunity to practise responsibility, discipline, sportsmanship, fair-play and team-work.

Learning for Life Programme (Tennis)
 All P2 to P6 pupils undergo 10 to 15 sessions of PE (Tennis). The programme aims to give every pupil the opportunity to experience tennis as a sport which builds discipline, concentration and mental strength, as well as inculcate in them our school values such as integrity, excellence and collaboration.

P3 Swimming PE Schedule




Term 1

Pri.3.4 (commence on 12 Jan)

Pri.3.8 (commence on 13 Jan)


Term 2

Pri.3.3 (commence on 23 March)

Pri.3.7 (commence on 24 March)


Term 3

Pri.3.2 (commence on 29 June)

Pri.3.6 (commence on 30 June)


Term 4

Pri.3.1 (commence on 14 Sept)

Pri.3.5 (commence on 22 Sept)



We aim to develop a culture of excellence in the Arts by providing opportunities for pupils to develop skills in appreciating, creating and expression in the Arts through exposure, experience and excursions.

Enrichment programmes are incorporated into Art and Music curriculum to provide platforms for pupils to experience different art forms.

Art Enrichment Programmes


P3 Batik (10 sessions)


Pupils are introduced to the basic techniques of batik painting and given the opportunity to create their own batik artworks.

P4 Ceramics (10 sessions)


Pupils are introduced to the basic techniques of ceramics as well as be educated in the different aspects of artistic influences on ceramics and art such as cubism.

P5 Ceramics (5 sessions)

Pupils are introduced to intermediate level of ceramics where ideas of architecture and cubism are infused.

P5 Basic Sketching Skills (10 sessions)


Pupils are introduced to sketching through learning the usage of different pencil grades and different sketching techniques to achieve various effects.

P6 Intermediate Sketching

(10 sessions)

Pupils are introduced to intermediate level of sketching involving use of different mediums in sketching i.e. colours, IT.

Music Enrichment Programmes


P1 Trumpet Programme

(10 sessions)

Pupils are introduced to basics of trumpet playing and musical understanding i.e. time signatures, note values.

P3 Dance Programme

(10 sessions)

Pupils are introduced to basic popping and locking techniques.

P4 IT Music Mixing

(10 sessions)


Pupils are given the opportunity to create basic musical loops infused with video clips through the usage of an IT music mixing programme.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

With a wide array of CCAs, we provide every pupil with an opportunity for a meaningful experience. During the regular CCA sessions, pupils are encouraged to pursue excellence by striving for self-improvement and growth. Other than celebrating improvement in skills and knowledge, we also inculcate the necessary values and attitudes, which are essential in their preparation for future challenges. Please refer to ‘Our CCAs’ for more information.