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Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

The Mother Tongue fortnight activities allow authentic usage and exposure to the Tamil language. The pupils are exposed to a wide range of activities during the MTL Fortnight in addition to learning and using the language. During the MTL Fortnight, a wide range of outside class TL activities are conducted to enable students to learn and use the language in exciting ways. The activities include playing of traditional games and participation in Tamil competitions and learning journeys. 

Enhancing oral skills through enrichment programmes

We seek to nurture in our pupils the ability to communicate effectively in Tamil and expose them to numerous enrichment activities which are designed to get them to interact with their peers in language. The pupils get to interact with each other in Tamil during speech and drama workshops, Tamil language camps and learning journeys. 

Hinch Programme

The Hinch Programme aims to motivate students and develop in them an abiding interest in the Tamil language and culture through reading, reading comprehension and creative writing. We also provide additional learning support to students through this after school programme.