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Language & Cultural Day

Our pupils are trained to represent our school in cluster competitions organized by cluster schools yearly to promote language and cultural awareness and bonding among peers in different school environment.

Mother Tongue Fortnight

The focus of the Mother Tongue Fortnight is on cultivating the interest in reading Malay storybooks. Reading programmes, library and class activities are carried out during this period. The pupils will also be taking part in games and competitions organized by the Malay Department.

Oral & Composition Writing Programme

The Department provides a structured oral and composition writing programme for our Malay pupils.

Cyber Riang Ria E-Learning & IMTL portal

All Malay language students will be given an account to the Cyber Riang Ria E-Learning website & IMTL portal.

The e-learning website will empower, develop and inspire the students to learn the language through games and fun learning experience. Students will be able to access to Oral Companion, Video Lisan Online, Lisan Online, Kefahaman Mendengar Online and Penulisan Kreatif Online.