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Current PSLE Scoring System

HMT Examination Format:
Paper 1 : Composition (40%)
Paper 2 : Cloze Passages and Written Comprehension (60%)
Total: 100%

Bonus Points for Admission to Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Schools

Pupils in the top 30% of the PSLE cohort who take Higher Chinese at the PSLE will be given bonus points for admission to SAP schools according to the following table:

Higher Chinese Grade Bonus Point
Distinction 3
Merit 2
Pass 1

Important Note
1. Pupils must offer both English and Chinese Language at the PSLE to be eligible for admission to SAP schools

2. SAP schools are Anglican High, Catholic High, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’, Chung Cheng High (Main), Dunman High, Maris Stella High, Nanyang Girls’ High, River Valley High and The Chinese High and Nan Chiau High

3. ACS (I) is not a SAP school.

4. Pupils who offer Mother Tongue Language (MTL)(i.e. Chinese/ Malay/ Tamil) or HMTL (i.e. Higher Chinese/ Higher Malay/ Higher Tamil) at the PSLE and are ranked among the top 10% of the PSLE; or are in the top 11% - 30% band who meet the language criteria (i.e. an A* grade in the MTL or at least a Merit in the HMTL) may opt to study HMTL at secondary schools. They may offer English Language and HMTL in the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination at the end of Secondary Four.