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Oral Enrichment Programme for Primary 2 to Primary 6

This programme is designed specially to help the Primary 2 to Primary 6 pupils to prepare for their oral examination. A group of parent volunteers are trained to conduct oral practice.

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Every year, the Chinese Language department organises the Mother Tongue Fortnight, which aims at promoting the learning of Chinese through engaging pupils in fun activities. Over two weeks, there will be a series of activities such as Drama House performances, Story-telling for lower Primary pupils, library activities, book fairs and reading activities conducted in class. Chinese Drama and Story-Telling provide dimensions of interactive learning, which serve to stimulate interest for Chinese Culture amongst our pupils. During Mother Tongue Fortnight, our pupils can also engage in library activities such as playing Chinese games and watching Chinese animation during recess. Pupils also take part in a series of class competitions such as Word-search from four-word Chinese idioms found in the school campus, story character drawing etc. All these activities cater to the learning for our pupils and create vibrancy for the learning of the Chinese Language.   

Library Activities during Thursday Recess

The Chinese Language department collaborates with the Library to encourage pupils to read more Chinese books. Pupils will do book reviews after reading the storybooks. Every Term, there are book review competitions and Chinese Language teachers promote greater readership of Chinese books amongst our pupils by constantly encouraging them to read. On Thursdays, parent volunteers come in to conduct Chinese Language games in the Library during recess for pupils. These games are modified and adapted from popular games like Bingo and Scrabble, with Chinese words added. The games are well-received by the pupils and effective in stimulating interest for Chinese learning.   

Language & Cultural Immersion to China

Selected P5 pupils get to visit schools in China. The aim of this programme is to expose our boys to the life and culture of their Chinese counterparts.

Hinch Programme

The Hinch Programmes aims to enthuse students and develop in them an abiding interest in Chinese language and culture through reading, reading comprehension and creative writing. We also provide additional learning support to students through this after school programme.

E-Zhishi Online Learning Platform 

All students taking Chinese has an E-zhishi Online Learning Account. This online resource allows student to learn and revise textbook contents on his own pace. The website also provides Oral practice materials, practice question and e-books. The graded e-books have rich illustration, audio support, pin yin to meet students’ individual learning needs. After reading comprehension exercise will help to evaluate understanding after reading each passage.