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To stimulate and bring out the flair of language in every student, by leading them to reach their maximum potential; and to nurture the love of Chinese in them.


To provide and sustain a learning environment which brings out the maximum potential of our pupils, strengthening both their English and Chinese languages, and engage them to learn in an academically conducive environment.

Highlights / Focus Area

The Chinese department makes use of  highly interactive resources  to support Chinese teachers in the teaching of daily lessons. Teachers adopts collaborative teaching strategies and employ IT resources (for example Xue Le website, Student Learning Space) actively during lessons to enhance their teaching. Making thinking visible is one key area that the department is working on, teachers provide various thinking routines to encourage students to vocalize their ideas and build up their competencies. Making learning relevant allows our students to apply what they learn in school in their daily life, they are provided with scaffolding to learn, to develop and to master the skills in speaking, reading and writing progressively.

In order to meet the learning needs of the students, we provide curriculum differentiation in our programmes. Our Bridging and pull out programmes are for students who need extra support and guidance. We have been involved in MOE ABLE project ( Mother Tongue Support programme ) which is a customised programme to support the students in the learning of Chinese through games and activities.  The class size is smaller and teachers can provide more individualized feedback to the pupils. There are also programmes to stretch the abilities of students who excel in learning Chinese language, students who fulfill the requirement will have a chance to further develop their skills in Chinese language.