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  1. Math Playground

The programme aims to create an interest in Mathematics among the students. Mathematics concepts are reinforced through the playing of Mathematics games. The programme also allows the students to learn to collaborate with one another to solve Mathematics problems.

  1. Thoburn Mathematics

The Thoburn Mathematics Programme seeks to stretch high-ability boys in their cognitive domain. It builds on MOE's Mathematics framework. Topics have been selected for enrichment and tasks have been designed to extend beyond the text. It also encourages the investigation of real-life problems and boys are encouraged to make interdisciplinary connections. Many of the tasks designed require open-ended problem-solving skills and they require boys to embark on some research.

  1. Mathematics Olympiad Training

P4 to P6 students who have shown aptitude in Mathematics will participate in Mathematics Olympiad Training. The training aims to equip the students with the necessary skills and concepts to solve challenging mathematical problems that involve higher-order thinking.