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The Mathematics Department seek to nurture every ACSian to be a passionate learner and a confident and creative problem-solver.

We aim to:

  • Create a dynamic learning environment and equip ACSians with skills to apply Mathematics in real life
  • Provide a holistic Math programme divided into three areas, Fun in Mathematics, Discovery in Mathematics and Mastery in Mathematics
  • Challenge pupils to be creative problem-solvers and develop their passion for Mathematics

In the area of Fun in Mathematics, the Primary 1 and 2 pupils are engaged in Math games and Heuristics. As the pupils are in the early stages of learning Mathematics, more hands-on activities are used to teach mathematics. In the area of heuristics, pupils will learn the basic model drawing.

For Discovery in Mathematics, the Primary 3 and Primary 4 pupils are exposed to real-life mathematics. Pupils will find more meaning in Math as they discover how Math is used in a real-life scenario. Pupils are also exposed to Mathematics games to reinforce their learning. Pupils who have high ability in Math are selected to be in the Thoburn programme where they learnt Mathematics in greater depth through investigation of real-life problems and making interdisciplinary connections.

In the area of Mastery in Mathematics, for the primary 5 and 6 pupils, we want to consolidate and reinforce their learning in Math. To stretch the higher ability pupils, there is a Math Olympiad programme and the Thoburn programme catered for them. As for the pupils who need more coaching in Mathematics, there is a Math pull-out programme for them where pupils are taught at a pace that is suitable for them.

Mathematics Framework
The Mathematics Framework focuses on using Mathematics for problem-solving. The development of problem-solving ability is dependent on five inter-related components, namely, conceptual understanding, skills proficiency, mathematical processes, and attitudes and metacognition.

Mathematics Framework