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Innovation is something different that creates value. The vagueness of the word something is a reminder that innovation is not the job of the few but the responsibility of the many. The focus on creating value reminds us that innovation isn’t an academic activity; it is an active one! Creating value distinguishes innovation from its precursors, such as creativity and invention.

At Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), we strive to shift learners from:

  • Consumers of knowledge to Creators of knowledge (K)
  • Communicators to Connectors (C)
  • Concerned Citizens to Active Contributors (A)
  • Results-driven to Process-focused (P)

To meet the overarching objective of Adapting ideas, Creating solutions, Serving needs, a whole-school approach to the thinking protocol based on “Understand, Plan, Act, Reflect” is adopted for a more pervasive implementation and to serve as a common language across departments.

Thinkers Problem Solving.jpgEvery teacher is an innovator in ACSJ!

Can we teach innovation?
Yes – we can teach innovation; innovation is a way of thinking!

Essentially, the Thinkers Programme@ACS(Junior) seeks to develop and nurture ACSians to be Aspiring, Contributing and Selfless thinkers.




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