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Student Development

At ACS Junior, we see each and every boy who passes through our gates as a unique individual, with different talents and strengths. As such, our role is to inculcate values as well as build competencies which are essential in developing each individual. This is done through various school programmes such as:

  • Citizenship Education
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Creative Thinkers Programme
  • Form Teacher Guidance Programme
  • Student Management Programme
  • Student Leadership Development
  • Student Well-Being
  • Values Education (in the Mother Tongue Languages)
  • Values-In-Action Programme

Student Leadership


  • To proudly serve the society and school with integrity, respect and compassion
  • To set discipline standards and inspire the student body to achieve high standards of discipline
  • To uphold and preserve the traditions of the school
  • To lead in the organisation of school activities, and to rally the support of the student body
  • To represent the views and opinions of the pupils and to help meet their needs
  • To help integrate new pupils of the school into the ACS(J) way of life

The conceptual map showing the values of our leaders, their training and the desired outcome:


The three guiding principles: 

 Principle 1

Values are at the base as they guide and provide the purpose for one’s behaviours. These values are our school core values. Actions without grounding in values would lead to inconsistency in purpose and actions 

Principle 2

All ACSians can be and should be developed as a leader. Student leadership development needs to be intentional thus we provide structured leadership opportunities for students to realise their personal potential through the school CCE programme. 

Principle 3 

During their stint as leaders, our students will be empowered by the teachers-in-charge in serving their peers as leadership is an action, not a position. They will be empowered with the servant leadership attributes.


Objective: Demonstrating empathy and working in collaboration with others to serve the community