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Chinese Club


The aims and objectives of the Chinese Club are to help the members to develop mentally and physically in a fun learning environment rich in a variety of rewarding and carefully planned experiences. 

The Chinese Club is open to Pri.2 to Pri.6 pupils who are keen on pursuing their common interest in Chinese Culture and Art. Apart from honing the members’ linguistic skills and literary knowledge of the Chinese Language, the members are able to unleash their creativity by exploring and practising the art of Chinese brush painting.

Through learning about the culture which triggers the interest and love of a language, the members will also learn intrinsic qualities such as commitment, perseverance and teamwork.

Programme / Activities

Semester 1: Chinese Brush Painting and Chinese Calligraphy Lessons


Semester 2: Chinese Speech and Drama Lessons



1.       Mr Goh Tiow Hua I/C


2.       Ms Chan Soo Keng


3.       Mdm Yang Hsin-Wen


Day / Time



2.15pm to 4.00pm


P5.5 Classroom


P2 to P6

Attire / Training Kit (once accepted as a member)

School uniform or white corporate shirt


All returning members are required to register online.                        Returning members who choose Chinese Club CCA as their            1st choice will be given priority over new members in the                 CCA. 

For the first session, students are to meet the teachers in                charge at the foyer by 2.10pm for attendance taking (near the         staircase leading to Block C beside the Eco-Garden). For                subsequent sessions, the members are to proceed to the                venue on their own directly and wait outside the classroom            quietly.

All confirmed members will receive an official email with                    information about the CCA schedule from the CCA teachers            by late January or early February 2018.

If a pupil is absent, an email/ letter of excuse or a medical                certificate is required.