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Mother Tongue Fortnight

The Mother Tongue Fortnight provides pupils opportunities to develop their reading and writing skills as well as opportunities to demonstrate their oral communication skills. The fortnight activities boost their confidence in using the Tamil Language and deepen their appreciation of the culture of the language. Reading programmes, library and class activities are carried out during this period. The pupils also take part in games and competitions organized by the Tamil Department. The Pupils are also taken out to watch Tamil Language Plays and to visit Indian Heritage Carnivals.

Enhancing oral skills through ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME

Pupils are engaged in varied forms of enrichment activities to enhance their oratorical and critical thinking skills as well as to provide a holistic approach to Learning Tamil through their assigned tasks. The Programmes vary annually based on the pupils’ needs.

Hinch Programme

The Hinch Programmes aims to motivate students and develop in them an abiding interest in the Tamil language and culture through reading, reading comprehension and creative writing. We also provide additional learning support to students through this after school programme.