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Pri.3 Swimming PE Schedule

Dear Parents/Guardian,

Please refer to the Pri.3 Swimming PE Schedule below for the 'double periods' PE lessons. Transport is provided to and from the pool at ACS(Barker Road). Do ensure that your son remembers to bring his swimming bag for these lessons. The things he needs to bring for each session are: swimming trunks/swimsuit, towel, goggles, a healthy snack (e.g. sandwich, muesli bar), water bottle (optional). Once at the pool, there will be 3 qualified instructors (with at least Level One coaching certification) attached to the class; one for the non-swimmers and beginners, one for the intermediate group and one for the advanced swimmers, as well as 2 teachers who will help maintain discipline and ensure the safety of every pupil.


Pri.3 Swimming PE Schedule




Term 1

Pri.3.4 (commence on 12 Jan)

Pri.3.8 (commence on 13 Jan)


Term 2

Pri.3.3 (commence on 23 March)

Pri.3.7 (commence on 24 March)


Term 3

Pri.3.2 (commence on 29 June)

Pri.3.6 (commence on 30 June)


Term 4

Pri.3.1 (commence on 14 Sept)

Pri.3.5 (commence on 22 Sept)


Thank You and Best Regards,

Ms Lee May Po