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P3 THINKERS Programme – FUN (Find Ur Niche) Project

Dear Parents/Guardian,

The Primary 3 Level will be starting on their 21st CC THINKERS Programme  - FUN Project after the SA1 Assessment. It will be carried out once a week (2 periods) during the English lesson.

The objective of the project is to provide an equal opportunity to all Primary 3 pupils to benefit from the Destination Imagination learning process. Each team will develop creative problem-solving techniques, teamwork and project management skills over a sustained period of time.

During the project, the pupils will:
•      learn and apply The Creative Process
•      practise script writing
•      build collaborative skills (teamwork)
•      develop confidence by putting up a performance (3 - 5 minutes) of the team’s solution in front of an audience.
The pupils will be given a copy of The Challenge – Lost & Found. This is to help them understand the requirements of the challenge. The class English teachers will guide them in developing the solution and the performance using The Creative Process during the English lessons. All the work will be done in class. At the end of Term 4, the best 2 teams per class will perform for the whole level.

Through this programme, we will also be selecting outstanding teams to participate in the following year’s Destination Imagination Nationals.
Yours faithfully,
Miss Arlette Teo
(SH 21st CC Department)
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

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