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Methodist Walk 2017


Dear Parents/ Guardian


Greetings from all of us at ACSJ. We trust that your child has adjusted well to the first two weeks of school and that they have enjoyed using the recently-upgraded school facilities. 

Please be informed that our P4 boys will be attending the biennial Walkathon that will be held on 25 March 2017 (Saturday). It is organised by the Methodist Schools’ Foundation involving all Methodist Schools, Methodist Churches and Preaching Points in Singapore. The theme this year is “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 

Through the Methodist Walk, we also hope to raise funds to further upgrade school facilities as well as to support implementation of school-wide programmes. 100% of the funds that ACSJ is able to raise through this Walkathon will be given back to the school. 

This morning, we have explained the objectives of this year’s fund-raising to the boys and they have been given the donation card today. We are sure our boys will do their best to collect donations over the next few weeks. We thank you for your tremendous support for the 2015 Methodist Walk and we hope you will continue to support your son in his fund-raising efforts by donating generously as well as by encouraging him. 

Please note that the cards need to be returned to the Form Teachers once they are completed or latest by 24 February 2017 (Friday). The first collection will be on 6 February 2017 (Monday). Kindly ensure that your child keeps his card safely. As stated in the donation card, in the event that the card is lost, you need to report the loss to the Principal in writing. 

We thank you for your continued support and prayer. 

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Chaillan Mui Tuan
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

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