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7th Principal's Letter

Dear Parents/Guardian,

National Day Celebrations
We will be celebrating Singapore's 52nd birthday tomorrow. This year’s theme – One Nation
Together - is a rallying call to unite all Singaporeans. ‘One Nation’ is to remind Singaporeans
that regardless of origin and background, we belong as one people and one nation. It
encourages Singaporeans to harness our diversity and to leave no one behind as we strive
towards an even brighter future. ‘Together’ emphasizes the importance of unity in times of
uncertainty and challenges ahead and represents a call-to-action for all Singaporeans to
overcome the odds together.

School hours on Tuesday 8 August will be from 7.30am to 10.00am. As part of the
celebrations, all students are to wear their red corporate T-shirts. The boys are not required
to bring any books except a pencil case and a water bottle. A light snack will be provided for
the boys before dismissal. Please note that the canteen will be closed that day.

Kindly note that Wednesday 9 August is a public holiday and Thursday 10 August is a school
holiday in lieu of National Day. Students do not need to report to school.

Introduction of Name Tags in 2018
In our effort to foster deeper relationships between teacher and students and among the
boys, we will be implementing the use of name tags on school uniforms from January 2018.
The name tags will enable our boys to have a visible identity and for each boy to be
addressed by his name.

Tan Chin Tuan (TCT) House PE Tank Top
Please be informed that the colour of the TCT House PE Tank Top is being updated from
beige to orange. Our uniform supplier will no longer be producing the TCT House PE Tank
Top in beige. The remaining months of 2017 and 2018 will be used as a transition phase and
both colours may be used during this period. All TCT House PE Tank Tops used will be
orange in colour at the start of 2019.

We give praise and glory to God our provider as we celebrate our outstanding success at the
following competitions:

Chinese Oratorical
National Primary Schools Story-Telling Competition: 2 Merit Awards (4th).
National Primary Schools Cross-Talk Competition: 1st.

National School Games Golf Championships:
Team Event (Boys) - 2nd.

National School Games Rugby Championships:
Junior Boys - 2nd.

Tenpin Bowling
National School Games Tenpin Bowling Championships:
Senior Boys - 3rd.
Junior Boys - 3rd.

Please note the following:
PSLE Oral Examinations
Students from P1 to P5 do not report to school on Thursday 17 August and Friday 18 August
as the Primary 6 students will be taking their PSLE oral examination. Kindly note that the
school campus is strictly out of bounds on these days.

GEP Screening
The Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Screening Test will be conducted on Wednesday
23 August for the Primary 3 students during school hours.

Teachers’ Day and Teachers’ Day Celebrations
Kindly note that Teachers’ Day falls on Thursday 31 August. Students do not need to report
to school. We will be holding our Teachers’ Day celebrations on Wednesday 30 August.
School hours for that day will be from 7.30am to 11.30am.

Teachers’ Day Lunch 2017
In appreciation of our teachers’ work, a Teachers’ Day Lunch will be held on Wednesday 30
August after school. The theme verse for this year’s Lunch is “...those who refresh others
will themselves be refreshed” (Proverbs 11:25). If you would like to contribute towards this
meaningful event, please email Mrs Lim-Foo directly at lim-foo_boon_ching@schools.gov.sg
by 18 August. We thank you for constantly keeping our teachers in your hearts and in your

Public Holiday on 1 September (Hari Raya Haji)
Kindly note that Friday 1 September is a public holiday. We wish our Muslim friends Selamat
Hari Raya Haji.

Travel Plans
If you are planning to travel out of Singapore during the September school holidays, kindly
keep the school informed of your travel plans. A NIL return is required. This is one of our
practices to ensure our emergency readiness. You may make your travel declarations online
via the MCOnline Portal using the Parents' Account at the following link:

If there are changes to your travel plans after your first submission, please update us again
by re-submitting the form online again. Please make your travel declarations by Friday 18

PSLE Listening Comprehension
P1 to P5 students do not need to report to school on Friday 15 September as the P6
students will be sitting for the PSLE Listening Comprehension. Kindly note that the school
campus is strictly out of bounds.

Wishing all a Happy and Blessed National Day!

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Chaillan Mui Tuan