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2017 Guide for MTP Timeslot Booking (For Parents)

Dear Parents/Guardian

We are thankful for the constant reminder that ‘His Banner Over Us Is Love’. His banner of love extends to all our boys and because God first loved us, we learn how to turn from loving not just ourselves but loving God and others. Our boys continue to exhibit a heart of service, living for a cause greater than themselves:

MWS Hong Pow Donation Drive 2017
ACS(J) took part in the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) Hong Pow Donation drive during Term 1, Week 4 this year. The school managed to raise a total sum of $32,007.80 this year. Thank you once again for your kind and generous support in enabling MWS to extend help to over 12,000 underprivileged children, at-risk youth, distressed families, chronically ill, destitute and frail and the socially isolated. You may visit https://mws.sg for more details on MWS centres and services. International Friendship Day 2017 ACS(J) commemorated International Friendship Day (IFD) on 7 April with the theme for this year being ASEAN 50. A series of exciting activities were lined up for pupils to deepen their understanding on ASEAN countries. Prior to IFD, the prefects shared with the school some interesting facts on ASEAN countries. There was an assembly programme titled ‘Ellie and Empathy’ to teach pupils how to empathise with others. In conjunction with ASEAN 50, our school planned ten games, each representing one of the ASEAN countries for students to try out. Students had fun participating in the ASEAN games such as five stones, hopscotch and other such games with their friends. There was also an exhibition booth to display some artefacts from the ASEAN countries. Our students had a chance to learn more about our neighbouring countries through the exhibits. The students also spent some time reflecting on what they have learnt during IFD. It was indeed a meaningful and engaging International Friendship Day. Visitors to ACS Junior ACS Junior has had the privilege of hosting students from Indonesia – from our brother school, ACS Jakarta when term started after the March holidays, and just last week, from the Philippines, Ateneo De Manila Grade School. The Primary 5 boys enjoyed hosting the visitors, and through the various conversations and activities, learnt much about life beyond the shores of Singapore. School Emergency and Training Exercise 2017 ACS(Junior) in collaboration with MOE Security and Emergency Planning Office (SEMPO) and SG Secure conducted a security incident emergency drill on 18 April. The emergency drill familiarised staff and students to lockdown and evacuation procedures. The school population was able to evacuate efficiently to the External Holding Area. The drill was conducted successfully with all objectives achieved. We will regularly train and continue to prepare our staff and students for safety related emergencies. Page 2 of 4 CCA Results & Accolades We praise God for His blessings on the following CCAs: The Boys' Brigade JM Fraser Gold Award (2016) Football South Zone Primary Schools Football Championships: Senior Boys - 1st. Junior Boys - 2nd. Rugby South Zone Primary Schools Rugby Championships: Senior Boys - 1st. Junior Boys - 1st. National School Games Rugby Championships: Senior Boys - 1st. Sailing National School Games Sailing Championships: Senior Boys - 2nd. Junior Boys - 2nd. Swimming National School Games Swimming Championships: B Division - 2nd. C Division - 2nd. D Division - 2nd. Table Tennis South Zone Primary Schools Table Tennis Championships: Senior Boys - 2nd. Junior Boys - 2nd. Taekwondo National School Games Taekwondo Championships: Poomsae: Senior Boys - 4th. Tennis National School Games Tennis Championships Senior Boys - 1st. Junior Boys - 1st. Destination Imagination (DI) Singapore Nationals 2017 Elementary Junior – 1 Gold Junior – 3 Golds, 1 Silver Odyssey of the Mind (OM) Singapore Nationals 2017 Division One – 1 Silver, 1 Bronze Page 3 of 4 Please also take note of the following: Important reminders for P5 Applications for Access Arrangements This is for students with learning or physical disabilities and requesting for access arrangements during our internal examinations, based on their individual needs. Please note that the closing date for P5 applications for Access Arrangements for CA 2 is Friday, 28 July. Vesak Day Kindly note that Vesak Day is on Wednesday, 10 May. Students do not need to report to school. Meet-The-Parents (MTP) and Home Based Learning (HBL) Day Meet-The-Parents and Home Based Learning is on Friday, 26 May. HBL Day On that day, your son/ward does not need to come to school. Instead, he may stay at home to work on activities set by his teachers. However, boys who do not have internet access at home are allowed to use the computers in school on that day. More information on the HBL activities will be made known to you in a separate email. Meet-the-Parents Session (MTP) We will be returning the Report Books to all students on Thursday, 25th May. If you would like to meet your son/ward’s Form Teacher during MTP on Friday, 26th May for further discussion, you may book an appointment. Our MTP session will be held from 8am to 3pm in your son/ward’s classroom. He is not required to be present. Please book your preferred appointment slot online using the MC Online Portal using the Parents' Account at the following link, www.mconline.sg . The link is also available on our school website, www.acsj.moe.edu.sg . The booking period is from 8 May 3pm to 24 May 5pm. If you are not able to or do not wish to meet with the teachers, do indicate this on the online portal. Upon your booking, you will receive an acknowledgement (on the MC Online page). Do note that the duration of each appointment is about ten minutes. Click here to access the “Parent’s Guide for MTP Booking” for your reference. As many of our teachers teach different classes and levels, please note that it may not be possible for you to meet all the subject teachers on the same day. We seek your understanding on this matter. You may wish to email the subject teachers directly if you would like to make individual appointments to meet on another day. All report books are to be returned by 27 June 2017 or at the MTP itself. Parking facilities within the school are limited and we suggest you park at Newton public car park. We hope that you will be able to assist us by keeping strictly to the time allotted so as to allow our teachers to meet with the other parents as well. We look forward to meeting you on that day. NB: The MC Online Parent’s Account password has been reset. Please refer to the “Parent’s Guide for MTP Booking” to log in for the booking of MTP slots as well as for travel declaration (see below) during the June holidays. Travel Plans If you are planning to travel out of Singapore during this June school holidays, kindly keep the school informed of your travel plans. A NIL return is required. This is one of our practices to ensure our emergency readiness. You can make your travel declarations online via the MCOnline Portal using the Parents' Account at the following link: www.mconline.sg If there are changes to your travel plans after your first submission, please update us again by resubmitting the form online again. Please make your travel declarations by Friday, 12 May. Page 4 of 4 Eat With Your Family Day ACSJ will be supporting Eat With Your Family Day on Friday, 26 May (MTP & HBL Day) this year. The school gates will be closed at 5pm sharp that day so that all staff can knock off earlier to have a meal with their families. We strongly encourage you to have a wonderful time of family bonding over a hearty meal that day as well. As we move into the written examination papers for our boys the following week, I ask that you keep them in prayer, that they continue to remain diligent in their efforts and to keep focused on the work that they have to do in their preparation for the examinations. Yours sincerely Mrs Chaillan Mui Tuan Principal