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Inappropriate use of the Kendama in the School

Dear Parents/Guardian

I am writing to bring your attention to some inappropriate use of the Kendama in the school. A Kendama is made up of a wooden handle with a string attached to it. Attached to the string is a wooden ball that is fairly heavy depending on the size of the Kendama. We have noted several instances of pupils swinging the wooden ball dangerously in confined and crowded areas such as the school bus, canteen and foyer; one of our pupils was hit on the head by a Kendama.

Please remind your son/ward to use the Kendama appropriately and that the Kendama has to be kept in his school bag at all times when he is in the classroom. Our staff have been instructed to stop pupils from using the Kendama at any time if it is used inappropriately. The safety and well-being of all pupils is our priority. Our Discipline Master, Mr Chen Jieming, will continue to remind pupils about discipline and safety in the school.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Kathryn Koh
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

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